2017 Winners' Showcase

Martha Pinson

 Sonja Greenlee

My name is Martha Pinson and my friend, Sonja Greenlee, and I co-wrote “The Last Resort,” an adaptation of her novel of the same name. Imagine Charles Dickens wrote pulp fiction. In this action/drama Daytona Beach, Florida, 1976, serves as a mythic underworld of death and loss from which unlikely allies Agnes and Brandy emerge with new lives. Agnes is a beauty from up north whose marriage to a narcissistic rock icon has driven her to run away, hoping to break the shackles of love. Brandy is a topless dancer with a small child on the lam in the swirling, dangerous world of bikers and drug dealers in town. The women are suspected of squealing when a drug deal goes sour. Heart pounding yet?


Sonja Greenlee: I am a novelist and screenwriter who has lived in Florida since the 1970’s. I taught English at Seminole State College and Stetson University while also attending the Writers’ Workshop at the University of Florida, studying with Harry Crews who greatly influenced my writing. I have participated in numerous residencies at the Atlantic Center for the Arts with writers such as Peter Matthiessen, John Casey, and Bobbie Ann Mason. Mason once told me the worst thing for my writing would be to teach college freshman and that writing about the middle classes is boring. I was married to the late Bob Greenlee, musician, songwriter, and founder of King Snake Records in Sanford, Florida. I give much credit to my old friend and college classmate Martha Pinson for taking the sprawling material of a novel and crafting the tight-knit screenplay, “The Last Resort,” a twisted love letter to Daytona Beach.


Martha Pinson: I am a filmmaker, writer and director based in New York City. I grew up in New Jersey, was an English Major at Vassar College and gravitated to making films because I loved watching them. They combine drama, humor, visual beauty, movement, music, and storytelling – all things I have loved since childhood. I was first introduced to screenplays in the 1980s when I started working as a Script Supervisor on major films. The screenplays for “Dressed to Kill,” “Ragtime,” and “Daniel” (based on Doctorow’s “The Book of Daniel”) dazzled me. I started writing them, telling stories that inspired me - about 8 so far. I wrote between jobs while my son was in school. I later started directing theatre and short films to express myself, create a vision, something that could be shared. I used the extensive knowledge I acquired working on set with such greats as Martin Scorsese and Sidney Lumet for my own projects. “Tomorrow,” an independent feature film I directed, is coming out soon. I’m seeking producers and production companies who are interested in reading my work.


Website: www.marthapinson.com. IMDb Pro: https://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm0684549/?ref_=sch_int

Robert Herzog

Karen Tengwald

Dregslist is a chick flick based on people and places I have known.


To me, nothing is funnier than real-life, which inspires me and supplies my comedic foundation.  The only thing better than laughing, is making the audience laugh.  


 Originally from Los Angeles, I relocated to Albuquerque, aka Tamalewood.  This happened long before the car wash became a tourist trap.  Leaving L.A. seemed like a good idea at the time.


Though I've dabbled in performing arts all my life, writing is my forte.  Before the year 2000, I began writing skit comedy and stand-up, then segued into entering spec screenplay contests.  For my next project, I'd like a status upgrade. 


THANK YOU Low Light Screenplay Competition for my first WIN.   I'm grateful for your hard work and correct decision.    

Kevin Byrnes

My name is Kevin Byrnes. I'm married with four children and live in New City, just north of New York City. I also studied film and graduated from NYU with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

I grew up going to movies every week to a movie theater just one block from me.


I was inspired by Disney animation and when visiting Epcot in DisneyWorld I walked into Italy and was inspired immediately. It was there I sat down and wrote the beginning outline of what was to be Mona and Baldy.


I'm currently writing a story about a teenager who learns he has a power over ghosts. it's set in Philadelphia

James Griffiths

Originally from Birmingham, England, James Griffiths earned a Bachelors Degree in Film & Production at the University of West London. He has since honed his craft as a screenwriter, working on multiple short films and his own personal feature scripts. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York where he works for the Local 52 union in the electrical department. 


He is excited to be working on his next script, a science fiction feature entitled "Glutten" - 

After the state of NY declares martial law due to overwhelming fears of terrorism, a naughty boy searches for his estranged sister in the chaos and discovers something more terrible in the shadows hunting the humans. 

Scott Hartman

I’m a screenwriter and playwright currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I became interested in screenwriting after attending UCLA’s Professional Program In Screenwriting several years ago. In the last few years, I obtained an MFA in Writing for the Stage and Screen at the New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA) and have begun to submit my work to different competitions (like this one!) I’ve always been drawn to psychological thrillers, often ones with a gothic or supernatural bent. The Donor certainly fits this profile, but also looks at the alchemy, or intersectionality, between race, class and gender in the process. Currently, I’m working on a Sci-Fi Pilot for a TV series I’m developing. Thanks, Lowlight Pictures, for the opportunity!

 My chief talent isn’t writing, it’s being afraid.

 I’m Rob Herzog, a Chicago screenwriter, and my short horror script Windows Wicked is about an eight-year-old boy who tries to outwit the visitor who scratches at his screen in the middle of the night. This idea came from two fearful moments from my childhood, one of them ridiculous and the other completely legitimate. The first episode was pure imagination. I thought there was a ghoul scratching at my window screen one night. In desperation, I started to bark and growl like a dog to scare it away. Raw panic was at work. You can imagine my mother’s response when she was woken up by my midnight dog impression. Dad slept through it all, remarkably. The second episode involved a peeping Tom who was caught peering into our apartment not too long after the barking episode. I was spending the night at my grandparents’ house, so I was spared of the direct encounter, but I overheard the stories my parents told afterwards. The peeper was standing on a small ladder propped alongside the apartment. Someone spotted him and my dad chased him off. Nobody was harmed, but it was completely unnerving. The peeper left his ladder behind and I got a terrible glimpse of it the next day. Little did I know that it would one day be part of a screenplay.


I am pleased to report that a filmmaker contacted me last week about producing Windows Wicked. Nothing is finalized just yet, but I am encouraged. We’ll see how it goes.


There are two new scripts that I feel good about. The first is a TV pilot called Eel and Omen about a couple trying to escape the leader of a backwoods cult. I also have a short script called Sparkler, that’s getting strong reaction. I have two older scripts, a horror feature called With Monsters and a short called Pencil Fight. Interested parties can contact me at robherzogr@hotmail.com.


Thanks to my wife for putting up with all this strange screenwriting. Thank you also to Low Light Pictures for running this contest.